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DMT facilitator, Michelle Baird, who has worked on and off with Michael for two years, has led almost 10 DMT’s in Detroit, New Hampshire, and soon will be offering class in Breckenridge, describes her experience with the training:


“Where do I even begin this testimonial?

It was the second DMT I had ever attended when I knew I wanted to do whatever it takes to share this practice. The practice absolutely lit me up!!!!!! You’d need a pair of sunglasses if you looked directly at me, that’s how bright I felt haha.

To be honest, when I started talking to Michael and I heard about the cost of the program, I almost didn’t do it (it was more expensive then)…almost…but I could not deny the amount of joy I received and couldn’t imagine others going through life without ever experiencing something comparable.

The think that nearly stopped me was thinking that what he did was simple, just put on some music and let people dance, but it’s much more than that and it takes a brave soul to become a facilitator. It’s all the things you don’t see that the facilitator program taught me to see and overcome. What we are dealing with is fear, to put it simply, fear and the responsibility you feel as a facilitator to be dealing with other people’s fears. It starts with your own,but while you are overcoming your own fear, you are helping them overcome theirs. If there is one thing I have really noticed in my life, it’s how much I have dimmed my lightness, brightness, excitement, whatever you want to call it because it didn’t match those around me. Little did I know this “simple” practice was a life practice of how not to dim, but to help light others up. That is why I signed up, there is a part of me that knows my potential is not just living a good life for myself, but to help others live a good life as well. To me, that’s what this practice is about. Michael has a very grounded and practical understanding on how to do it…I mean, don’t take my word for it, did you experience it yourself?”