Become a Facilitator

  1. Learn how to help yourself and others Feel Supremely Alive. 
  2. Become certified to share the practice
  3. Learn how to add DanceMT to your yoga classes and studio
  4. Receive 5 hrs one-on-one coaching time with Michael
  5. Learn the history of DanceMT
  6. Learn how to practice at home. 
  7. Discover the relationship between creativity and healing. 
  8. Learn through videos, conference calls, documents and exercises
  9. Learn how and why the technique works
  10. Receive discounts on retreats and workshops
  11. 6 months of free classes (for those who live in MI)
  12. Learn how to dance like a bad ass mofo 
  13. Sharpen your discernment and good judgement. 
  14. Learn about sound systems, playlists and music selections
  15. Learn about venue relationships and marketing for your classes
  16. 1,500.00 payable in installments. 


One on One coaching with Michael

Due to repeated requests for additional one on one time from students I have decided to begin offering 90 minute private sessions for those feeling drawn to wanting more in depth counsel than just the Dance Meditation Technique class itself. I have extensive experience in dealing with depression, anxiety, panic, family conflict, behavioral training, spirituality, critical thinking, debate, business, creativity, parenting and troubled teens. I have an extensive professional network to refer to those who come to me with situations requiring skills beyond my abilities. 

To set up an initial appointment to see if we are a good fit for one another you can reach me at
(248)910-3351 or