Hi! My name is Michael Patrick Peters and I am the creator of Dance Meditation Technique. 


I am a father, green business entrepreneur of 15 years building and designing gardens, transformational events, apparel, branding and innovative business concepts and am also an artist, musician and poet. My pen names are Baksheesh and Toshim, two names given to me by some of my first spiritual teachers. 


I have been a student of many spiritual paths including Tibetan Buddhism, Chi Gong, Zen Buddhism, various Yogic paths, Christianity and more for the past 17 years having had rare opportunities to learn from teachers like the Amma, Master of Tibetan Buddhism Gelek Rimpoche, Dr. Aura Glaser, Master Gabriel Chin and one of his senior most students Anand Safi to name a few.


As a young man, I had profoundly deep experiences with suicidal depression, extreme anxiety, extreme panic and the general unshakable sense of utter meaninglessness and spent time in mental hospitals, drug rehabs, and did a year long stint in a lock down facility.

The ancient principles of Wise Living taught through this unique and modernized platform that I call DMT have come from the very practices that helped transform my life, free me from medications, birth a profound creativity, and find meaning again. It is my tremendous honor to share them with you and I hope even a single practice can bring you great relief, release, insight, and meaning for your life.