Check out some podcast/online radio interviews with DanceMT creator Michael Peters where he discusses more about the DanceMT, his own very unusual past that brought about his discovery of these principles and more. Also check out the feature online article on Michael and DanceMT by Ann Arbor's famous 'Crazy Wisdom Journal' 



"Calling All Leaders and Healers" program on BodyMindSpirit Radio conducted by Barbra White, Michael talks about his spiritual awakening and DanceMT



In Southeastern Michigan's Conscious Living Magazine--a resource on mindfulness, healthy living, spiritual growth, psychology, conscious parenting, and alternative therapies, plus community profiles, news, and events related to Southeastern Michigan's vibrant holistic and conscious living community, Michael is interviewed about Dance Meditation Technique's well-defined structure and scientific benefits.


Humble warrior podcast

Check out this extended 2+hr interview with Michael Peters (one of the most downloaded interviews on HWP) of DMT hosted by Chris Forte and Jon Moises of Humble Warrior Podcast (HWP.) Michael tells his personal story about being a troubled teen and shares insight on how he found a path to spirituality that eventually led to the creation of the Dance Meditation Technique.

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Check out my most recent interview where I go deep into my teens and some of my experiences at a lock down facility in Utah, escaping that place, the important of Urgency when applying ourselves in a spiritual practice, more details on the DMT and what it is really offering and why. I hope you enjoy!