About DanceMT’s creator, Michael Patrick Peters


The ancient principles of Wise Living taught through this unique and modernized platform that Michael calls Dance Meditation Technique have come from the very practices that helped transform his life, birth a profound creativity, and find meaning again after immense youth struggles. It is his tremendous honor to share them with you and he hopes even a single practice can bring you great relief, release, insight, and meaning for your life.

Michael, one of the nation’s top sacred dance innovators and experts, created and founded DanceMT on 11-11-11 at Detroit’s famous “Bakery Loft.” DanceMT is the most well attended traveling movement meditation workshop in the midwest with the number of participants exceeding 8,000 and growing at close to 200 per month. What started as an insight and revelation during a meditation retreat 18 years ago has now become a well-known, weekly workshop where students are benefiting in a tangible way.

Michael is a father, entrepreneur of 18 years building and designing gardens, transformational events, apparel, branding and innovative business concepts and is also an artist, musician and poet. His creativity ranges across the board of mediums from painting and song writing to debate and garden design. You can see some of his work here www.michaelpat.com. His pen names are Baksheesh and Toshim, two names given to him by some of his first meditation teachers. You can read a sample of his poetry to the right.

In his search for meaning, Michael has practiced and studied many spiritual paths including Tibetan Buddhism, Qi Gong, Zen Buddhism, various Yogic paths, Christianity, Judaism and more for the past 20 years having had rare opportunities to learn from teachers like the Amma, Master of Tibetan Buddhism Gelek Rimpoche, Dr. Aura Glaser, Master Gabriel Chin and one of his senior most students Anand Safi to name a few.