Michael’s goal with DMT is to make it global and have thousands of facilitators helping millions of people re-discover how amazing they are through music and dance. You might be an important part of that.

You are encouraged to activate your critical thinking and review this document with a keen analysis and provide questions, comments and feedback if you have any.

Michael’s aim is to create the terms and conditions so that the most ideal environment possible can be created for his ability to effectively teach to the group of trainees and for the integrity of the brand and practice.

Why an Application Fee?

1.) Michael will personally review your application and correspond with you via email (regarding the application) and this fee covers that time.

2.) Additionally, DMT does a light back ground check on all trainees as responsible due diligence and part of this fee covers that.

3. Lastly, our hope is this will help us both understand how serious you are about the training. Those who take the training will have this fee deducted from their balance.



1. Please fill out the application below
2. Please read and sign the terms and conditions
3. Paypal us $150.00 to

4. Michael will personally review your application and follow up

Applications submitted without payment will not be reviewed.


What is the point of this Application?

The application helps me understand if we are a good fit, if you would be likely to learn well from me and if I would be likely to teach you effectively. It helps me understand you, just a little, but enough to make that call. The more detail you can provide, the better.

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