Frequently Asked Questions:


It is an un-choreographed whole being workout that helps move your body, your voice and your mind to amazing places. It is an epic cardio that will also challenge your concentration. Maybe you can help us summarize it. In 7 years no one has been able to. It helps shed emotional weight in a way, we are told from practitioners, that nothing else has the ability to do.


Release tension, blush hard and feel vibrantly alive, and settled. Increase your speed, agility, and spontaneity while deepening your mental focus and your ability to self generate supportive energy for yourself and others. Combine physical and mental disciplines to help you lose 100 lbs of emotional weight and move the equivalent between 3 and 7 miles in a 60 minute playlist. DMT is also well known for making the experience of natural meditation very accessible and de-mystified.


DMT is the counter pose to yoga and the counter pose to all form based practices. For every forward fold you need a back bend, lest you become severely imbalanced physically. Likewise, for all form based practices you need a formless counter pose. DMT is an incredibly focused practice that requires discipline and is very orderly. We do not, though, tell you how to move but rather give your the tools to manage the fears of movement. Try it and see for yourself. 


Oh, but you CAN. Everyone can dance and DMT has an unusual ability to help you discover how seriously bad ass of a dancer you actually are. DMT very quickly helps people enter their own flow state and not just enter it, but regularly enter it and ever more deeply. If you don’t know what to do or how to move, no worries, I’ll teach you a technique that is simple and effective to get you out of your head trip and into your movement flow. Move fast or slow, the pace is totally up to you. And for some extra comfort, no photos or videos are EVER taken at a DMT and we all agree not to watch each other or engage with each other.


Dance, as you well know, is and will be one of the fastest routes for humans to experience joy, release, beauty and a sense of being connected to ourselves and others. Most of us know this and give the idea lip service, while not making a point to dance regularly, but DMT actually quickly delivers the visceral experience of it. We’ve also become most well-known for delivering that experience from the range of people who think they have no ability to dance all the way to professional dancers. You’re usually in the spot light and even your “improv” classes can demand your movement to be graceful and aesthetically pleasing. At DMT, you have the freedom to discover ALL types of movement; graceful, guttural, and everything in between.

Wear what you’d wear to a yoga or workout class—a tank/tee and shorts/pants that are easy to move in. Breathable fabrics are preferable because once we get moving, you’ll work up a bit of a sweat. If you’d like, you can wear socks or soft soled shoes (like ballet shoes), but please do not wear hard soled shoes. Most participants will do the DMT practice barefoot. You can bring a yoga mat, towel, or blanket to rest and stretch on. During the majority of the class, you will not need your mat, towel, or blanket, but it can be nice to have for the resting period at the end of the class. Bring a water bottle too! We will either have plain water or water infused with nettle tea if you want to fill up!

Ever heard of fancy footwork? Yeah, you’ll get a heavy dose of that each time you practice DMT. The more you practice it, the faster, more agile, and more spontaneous your movement becomes. Some of the other benefits include: quick pivots from one direction to the other, increased body awareness, the ability to tap into a “gazeless gaze” so you can move speedily and seamlessly through a group of people, and a seriously increased cardio capacity. I am planting the flag in the proverbial air that DMT is the worlds most fun cardio. There have Fitbit wearers who shared they have clocked 13,000 steps in a single DMT class and that it felt like 15 minutes.  


No, those are both more social experiences. DMT is not interactive—we are not dancing with one another but creating a supportive environment for personal exploration. For 7 years people have been trying to equate it to 'something else' but it doesn't work because DMT is so uniquely different than any other dance modality out there today. 

We do not suggest bringing children under 13 as it makes it very hard for the parent to remain focused.

Awesome. This is the most fun way we know of to get back into shape and our student base is composed of many health and wellness professionals who might be able to help support your return to health.

You can leave at ANY time and no offense taken on our end. You’ll receive your money back if you find it’s not for you.